Happy new year everyone!

Hello. And tomorrow is the last day of 2017. 2017 was very awesome year. But,2018 will be better. Are you happy for 2018 will coming? I’m soo happy for 2018 is coming. Happy new year everyone!


Learning German Language

Hello. And today,my german teacher named Kadir,gives me a homework from this book;

I loved german language. Because,I began to learning german language. It’s becomes easier and more entertaining. I will learn more german language and I will talk german some of my blogs!

I’m back

Hello. And today,I return to my wordpress and blogger websites. Because,I didn,’t write blogs in the June,July,August,September,October and half of November in my wordpress site. Because of my homeworks,school and my holiday. But I hope I can I write blogs everyday about video games,Australian and more. Goodbye. 🙂

Report card song lyrics

Hello. And tomorrow we will get the report card. And I have a song lyrics. Here is the report card song lyrics;                                     

The first period that we finished  

I went to take my report card

Weak visual classes

Zeros and ones

To see the notes painful

The has given zero

I guessed

She is maniac 

Why my weaknesses

My only fifties physical education

Ulan now my whats 

What I say my father

I’m bored again

How can I go home

When I do not work

Father makes ringer 

I discussion with the teacher 

I sat at a corner

I look for teens

I boil with cows

İn the hands of babies


When is laughter already
Like us

Fuck right right

I kept way of home

Bu reading prayer

Open door

Father looks the report card

Immediately fell down

Absent days

Already took the lead

I gave up everything 

Ones in my report card

See the championship

From the colors in the form

Our love is like this

The personel who loves work

Neither teacher or father

Go out

I love kinder joy soo much

Hello. And I love kinder joy soo much. This chocolate is delicous. Even,toys are awesome. We eat kinder joy with my 12 year old cousin named Emre and my 8 year old cousin named Zeynep. And I prefer kinder joy to kinder suprise. Even,my classmates named Şeyda,Eylül and Gamze are loves kinder joy too. One day,Şeyda’s gift for Eylül, is the kinder joy for girls. And Eylül loved the toy and ate the chocolate. And I washed the chocolate and I make the my kinder joy. Here is my kinder joy;

Teeth is hurt

Hello. And yesterday,we went to dentist. Dentist hurts me very badly. My teeth hurts soo bad. And it can’t stop. I really hate pain. But I can stand. I can eat pizza. But,I don’t want eat chocolate. Because,I don’t want my teeth hurts more. I want my teeth is healty. I love my health soo much!

I love countryballs

Hello. And I love countryballs. They are soo funny. But my favorite is turkeyball. My sister Busra likes turkey ball. But she doesn’t like england ball. I like australia ball too. But I don’t like america ball. My sister doesn’t like america ball too. Anyway. Countryballs is best cartoons for me and my sister.